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Matthew Lorenzon - Musique et philosophie : Peut-on parler d’influence entre Xavier Darasse et Alain Badiou dans la composition d’Antagonisme I en 1965 ?

Séminaire Mamuphi : Samedi 10 novembre 2012
L’exposé se fera en anglais.

Composed 1964–65, Antagonisme I sits at the start of Xavier Darasse’s compositional career and between Alain Badiou’s first novelistic and philosophical texts. Drawing on letters, drafts and manuscript scores, this seminar attempts to untangle these various projects and understand the literary, philosophical and musical stakes of the project. Through a blow-by-blow account of the work’s composition it becomes evident that Antagonisme I marks a shift in both collaborators’understanding of composition from the deployment of musical languages to engagement in a musical process. Speaking more broadly, the seminar will ask whether Antagonisme I can help to clarify the vague concept of “influence” employed in musicological writing when attempting to link the works of philosophers and musicians.

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